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Bryan Scott - February 4, 2024

Grace for the Younger Brother


Reflection Questions: 1. Are you trusting in your own goodness and works to fix what’s broken, or do you receive the costly grace which Jesus Christ offers you freely? 2. Do you view others as needing to earn their honor, or do you see them as candidates or recipients of the honor purchased by Jesus christ?

Scripture References: Luke 15:11-24

From Series: "Prodigal"

Who is the gospel for and what is it’s unique message? In this parable about two brothers and their father, Jesus upends everything we would assume about the gospel, who it is for, and what its message is. Both brothers are lost for two different reasons, and the father extends grace to them both. Looking closely we should see ourselves in at least one of the two brothers. The mini-series will help us locate ourselves in both brothers and show us to grace offered to our condition. Jesus offers grace for the irreligious and the religious. This will transform the way we see other people in their prodigal situation.

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