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Bryan Scott - January 14, 2024

Hope for the Cynics of Restraint

When you consider your present life activities, the secrets of your heart, and future plans and hopes, what are you pursuing? Is your hope in a pleasure that fails, or are you truly living for the hope that pleases.

Scripture References: Ecclesiastes 2:1-11

From Series: "Hope For Cynics"

Qoheleth (the Preacher) speaks the language of the late modern secular age. In a ‘closed frame’ with no God (‘under the sun’), and no ultimate justice to distinguish the wise from fools, what is the point of life? Qoheleth is more honest about late modern life than the vast majority of those who celebrate it. If there is no God, then life is vanity. Yet, this book leads us to hope, and as such, how do find hope in a world that is bleak? The sermon series Hope for Cynics aims to answer this question.

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