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Aaron Zhao - March 15, 2020

Fearless Explanation

Holy Perseverance: A Long Obedience to a Living Hope

Scripture References: 1 Peter 3:13-22, 1 Peter 4:1-6

From Series: "Holy Perseverance: A Long Obedience to a Living Hope"

Moving through the Winter and anticipating Spring, TCBC is starting a new school semester. We are also fleshing out initiatives in our vision to live in some fresh new ways, while seeking our new Lead Pastor. In so doing, we anticipate God to be at work in us, among us and through us is remarkable ways. As always though, we recognize believers experience various forms of persecution in this world – a land that is not our home. We who stand for Jesus are often ostracized and made to feel like aliens and strangers in the midst of a lost world. That can intimidate us and cause us to withdraw from influencing others for the sake of the Kingdom. First Peter encourages us to lift our eyes off of present problems and instead be reassured by an eternal perspective in such a way as to live boldly for our King and Savior. Though believers may for a while suffer grief amidst trials, they await an eternal inheritance that can NEVER perish, spoil, or fade. Thus, we are to live now with steadfast endurance and exemplary behavior. This wonderfully deep call, combined with practical instructions make First Peter a unique source of encouragement for all believers who live in contrast to and conflict with their culture. A Long Obedience to a Living Hope means following Christ together as a holy and maturing spiritual family – a Priesthood of Believers that have a transforming influence wherever we are!

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Aaron Zhao - July 26, 2020

The Gospel in the Lens of Honor and Shame

Scripture References: Luke 15:11-32

From Series: "Pursuing Christ Together"

We are in a season of life where courageous, compassionate and sacrificial expressions of faith are needed. And during this season, TCBC desires to have a significant redemptive impact on each other and the campus and community around us. Recognizing that we have been strategic in our efforts to remove obstacles to faith since the interim season started, we will continue our vision of Pursuing Christ Together with special attention to addressing needs that arise during the Coronavirus Crisis. By God’s redeeming grace, we can live out sufficiency in Christ every waking moment of the day, should we choose to (2 Cor. 3:5-6). So, will we invite God to have a free-flowing unhindered movement in and through us to those in need around us? This sermon series seeks to fill our hearts and minds with life-giving water - God Himself who is the “Fountain of Living Waters” (Jeremiah 2:13). Thus, guided by the truth of God’s word and empowered by the indwelling presence of God’s Spirit we will share the gospel as “rivers of living water” flows from God’s Spirit through us and out to the lives of others (John 7:38) Between now and August we will draw from various biblical narrative and epistolary passages, as well as biblical characters (both Old and New Testament) in order to glorify God (Rom 11:36) and be inspired and equipped to live a victorious and gospel-centered life. This will be accomplished by engaging three mini-sermon series entitled: 1. Pursuing Christ Together through Personal Transformation 2. Pursuing Christ Together in Mutual Participation 3. Pursuing Christ Together with Global Expression

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