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Bryan Scott - May 12, 2024

Relating to Marriage

Reflection Questions: Whether Married or Unmarried, how might you be in opposition to God’s ideals for marriage? How have you let culture, society, family shape your views instead of God? How is God asking you to invite Him into your marriage / relationships so that he is worshiped as Creator, Sovereign, and Savior?

Scripture References: Matthew 19:1-10

From Series: "We Can Relate"

This post-Easter series is about Christian living and life in the church. Just because we are saved, it does not mean we automatically know how to and function highly in grace-filled interactions with others. We need Biblical instruction to know how to be the new family of Jesus, and we need to grow in how we love one another. This series will walk us through some of the key Scriptures that point out how we can relate now that we are in Christ.

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