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CCB to PCO Transition

We’re replacing Church Community Builder (CCB) with Planning Center (PCO).

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Project Overview

We are beginning to work on transitioning our church management system from Church Community Builder, or what we refer to as MyTCBC, to Planning Center.

We currently use CCB to manage contact information, online giving, Group information, check-ins, general communication, and many behind-the-scenes processes. In addition to CCB, we use Planning Center to plan our Sunday morning services, and schedule some of our volunteers.

At the end of the transition in July, everything will be stored and managed in Planning Center.

Reasons for the change

We’ve used these two systems in parallel for a long time, but there are an increasing number of issues as we grow as a church. Some of the main benefits of the transition are:

  • A unified system | We current schedule through both CCB and PCO, and use both for communication to volunteers. By moving to a single system, we will only be maintaining one set of information, meaning fewer errors and less confusion about which information goes where. It simplifies things for staff, leaders, and members and the volunteers who are serving in multiple areas.
  • Better reporting and behind-the-scenes tools | One of the major frustrations we’ve faced with CCB is the difficulty of generating reports and managing data. The interface is frustrating and not intuitive, which means we are not able to use the information we have as well as we could. The corresponding tools in Planning Center are much easier to use and updated regularly.

What this means for you

Our goal for the transition is to simplify and make things easier for everyone. We realize that there will be a small learning curve in the next couple of months, but we think this will help us greatly in the long term!

The transition mainly impacts things behind the scenes, but there are a few things we need your help with: 

  • Online giving/donations | The biggest change is to online giving. If you currently give online through CCB, we will ask you to set up a new giving profile in Planning Center. We will send out more information about setting up your profile when we begin this process.
  • TCBC Kids | If you volunteer in our Kids Min, you’ll be trained on the Planning Center Check-Ins app. Other than a new app, the setup and process for checking in kids and volunteers will stay the same.
  • Group Leaders | If you lead or co-lead a Group, we’ll be moving away from CCB Groups to Planning Center Groups. Leaders will receive more training resources as we finalize the transition.
  • Volunteers | If you’re already using Planning Center to volunteer, not much will change! We will be cleaning up some of our existing information in Planning Center, but you will continue to receive scheduling requests and reminders just like you do now. But, if you have previously been scheduled in CCB or through other means, you will start to be scheduled in PCO soon. You will receive an Welcome email from Planning Center, if you haven’t already, and your leaders will be communicating with you through PCO from now on.

Next steps

If you have any questions about the transition, feel free to contact the office at

Introducing Church Center

The place to get to myTCBC is through Church Center! It’s an easy way to access things like the directory, events, giving, and even check in kids (or yourself!) for the service. It’s available online, or through an app.