Zoom Worship Guide

Getting the most out of Zoom worship

How to Prepare for Zoom Worship

Set up your space.

Find a comfortable place where you can be for an hour or so (our services last between 60-70 minutes). It could be your living room, a corner of your dorm room, a porch, or even your car. Remember, any location can become your dedicated worship space. Check to make sure that your internet connection is strong and stable. Make sure you have your Bible, a notebook, and a pen. Brew yourself a cup of coffee, tea, or beverage of your choice! 

Remove distractions.

We know, there are so many distractions at home. But think of online service as an opportunity to temporarily push those aside and focus on God and the things of eternal significance. You may want to put away your school work or anything else nearby that could distract you. If you’re watching on a computer or phone, consider closing all other programs and browsers so you’re not tempted to multitask.

Be hospitable.

Whether you have family or roommates living with you or not, you can still practice hospitality. Invite those around you to church: Try calling or texting a friend before the service and sharing our Online Services page. You also might have members of your household who may not want to participate with you. They could be distractible kids or family members or roommates who aren’t interested in church. Resist the urge towards judgment, but show them grace and patience. 

Prepare your heart.

You may have already had a crazy morning or crazy weekend. So if possible, take a few minutes before online worship begins at 10:00 am of silence and reflection. Calm your heart and mind as you prepare to encounter God. Listen to a worship song or read a Scripture passage to center yourself. 


4 Ways to Engage with Zoom Worship

1. Turn on your video.

Our online worship services aren’t meant to be one-way broadcasts, but instead communal  spaces where we can actually see and encourage one another as we seek God together. That’s why we encourage everyone to turn their video on if they are comfortable. If you’re not there yet, no worries! There are so many other ways to engage.

2.  Use the chat box.

The chat box is one place where you can engage with the community during worship. Think of it kind of like if we were in person: you might hear someone exclaim “Amen!” to something they affirmed, or another person laughing out loud at a funny (or not funny) joke, or maybe even sharing a quiet observation or comment with your neighbor in the pew. Just like with in-person worship, be mindful of not crossing over from fun interactivity to unhelpful distraction. And if the chat box is a distraction for you, feel free to ignore it.

3. Pull out an instrument.

We may be muted during the worship service, but that doesn’t mean we can’t engage with music and singing. If you have an instrument, pull it out and play along! We try to provide the music in advance so you can follow along with the chords or lead sheets. And even if you don’t consider yourself a musician, you can clap off beat and sing off key and nobody — except maybe your sleeping roommates — will notice! And if you are trying to be a good neighbor to your sleeping roommates and neighbors, you can also hum along or silently mouth the words. We may not be able to hear you, but God can! ?

4. Find a Community.

Worship is never a solitary activity, so make sure you find your community to worship alongside. It may be your roommates or your family members who live with you. It may be your TCBC or campus ministry small group. If you’re still looking for your community, we can help! Fill out the card so that you can get more deeply connected to TCBC.