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Join us in person on Sundays
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As Illinois has entered the Bridge Phase, here is what it means for TCBC:

  • Masks required – Due to a statewide health mandate, masks are required for all those in attendance at TCBC.
  • Seat yourself on Sunday mornings –  Every other pew will be blocked off. You may seat yourself in any of the open pews. Please be mindful of maintaining 6 feet social distance from those around you as needed.
  • No registration required – Some of you have already registered for this Sunday which is fine, but walk-ins are also welcome. We will no longer need to pre-register for onsite events.
  • Increased room capacity  – We’re looking forward to the energy of a larger crowd in the Sanctuary. More people in the Sanctuary means we will no longer need to hold a Watch Party. No Watch Party in the Fellowship Hall means more room for children’s ministry.

We will continue to make changes/adjustments as COVID guidelines are updated. We can serve each other well by realizing that we are all at different comfort levels as we adjust to reopening. 

So grateful to be able to have more of us worshipping our God together in person!

If you are not quite ready to return, that’s totally fine! We will continue our Zoom Worship Services.

Whether you worship with us in-person or online, we are excited for how the Lord will meet our church family this year as we long to see campus and community transformed by Christ to renew the world!