Twin City Bible Church is a non-denominational Christian church with two sites:

TCBC was founded in 1933 with a vision of reaching the University of Illinois campus with the message of Jesus Christ through a church that brought students and community people together. Today, that desire has not changed.

Champaign-Urbana is a transient place. Whether they are undergraduate students who are with us for four years, a couple who moves to the area for graduate school, or a working professional whose family is here for a number of years before accepting a position elsewhere, many are with us for a short time before moving on. We want to invest in the development of people who are part of TCBC and then send them on to what God has for them next.  

Our vision is to be a thriving and influencing church in our university community setting.

  • Thriving - growing into passionate,thoughtful, outward-focused Christ-followers
    • We want to thrive in our families and friendships, building relationships that exalt Jesus Christ.
    • We want to thrive in our workplaces and academic contexts, living fully for Christ within these spheres of influence.
  • Influencing  - growing an outward orientation
    • We desire to joyfully go to where people with needs are.
    • Our goal is to work together to impact our neighborhoods, our campus and our community for Christ.
    • We want to be a church that gives living proof that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true.