For many of us as children, the most challenging part of the Christmas season was waiting for Christmas Day to arrive.  All of us have felt at some point like we were waiting on something.  The wait may have been long and uncomfortable, maybe even painful.  Often, we feel like we’re waiting on God—for him to do something, to say something, to show up and intervene in life in some way.  In today’s “instant gratification” world, it’s easy to grow impatient—for an answer to come, for conflict to end, for suffering to cease, for restoration to begin.

Advent spirituality is learning what it means to wait for God.  We remember the long waiting for Christ’s 1st Advent.  We live waiting for his 2nd Advent.  And we even wait on his “advent” into all the circumstances of our lives—bringing his light into our darkness, peace into our turmoil, hope into our fear.  The season of Advent helps us to see what that waiting looks like and calls us to a patient trust in the God who will act.

This Advent season, we’ll meditate on “waiting for God” from five different angles.  Our prayer is that as we learn and grow in waiting on God, we’ll be drawn closer to him in confident trust and hope.

November 27
      Lincoln:  Isaiah 2:1-5 – “Learning to Wait” 
      Midtown:  Isaiah 2:1-5 – “Learning to Wait”

December 4
      Lincoln:  Romans 15:4-13 – “Waiting with Joy”
      Midtown:  Isaiah 35:1-10 – “Waiting in the Wilderness”

December 11
      Lincoln:   Isaiah 35:1-10 – “Waiting in the Wilderness”
      Midtown:  Romans 15:4-13 – “Waiting with Joy”

December 18
      Combined Worship Service at TCBC Lincoln at 10:45 a.m.
      Midtown/Lincoln:  1 Peter 1:3-12 – “Waiting in Faith"

December 24
     Combined Worship Service at TCBC Lincoln at 4:30 p.m.
     Midtown/Lincoln:  Isaiah 9:2-7 – “From Waiting to Wonder”


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