The theme of this season of ministry is "Marked by Grace". As Christ-followers we have been given so much! Grace means given vital and powerful blessings that we do not deserve. It is a costly gift out of the goodness of the giver's heart. Grace is intended to enrich us and others through us, so it will cost us, too! 

Grace-Based Prayers  - We start off this year moving into deeper relationship - more regularly and strategically involved in talking to our Heavenly Father in order for His Spirit to align our hearts with His through prayer. 

Grace-Filled Relationships - We relate with others remembering that God tells us how to do that though none of us deserve it. This will prepare us to reconcile with each other and build each other up. 

Grace-Empowered Living - We celebrate what we see in Christ, celebrate what we have received through Christ and celebrate what we share with others out of joyful/grateful obedience to Christ.