What guides what we know about God and how we relate to him in the midst of the circumstances and experiences of life?  Where can we look for help in knowing who God is no matter what life throws our way? The Psalms! 

The Psalms remind us of who God is and how God is working in the broad range of life's experiences.  The Psalms give words to the variety of emotions we experience as we walk through all kinds of situations.  The Psalms both inform us and offer us language through which we can express ourselves.  The Psalms stir us and invite us into deeper worship of God and intimacy with him.

This summer we'll focus on some of our favorite Psalms.  We'll let these Psalms lead us into expressions of things like adoration of God, sorrow over sin, trust in God's presence and care, gratitude for God's grace and provision, devotion to God's purposes, and confidence in God's work.  We'll respond to how God uses the Psalms as both a guidebook and a songbook of worship in our spiritual journey with him.

May 24 - God's path to our flourishing:  Psalm 1
May 31 - Confidence in God's goodness:  Psalm 34
June 7 - Trusting God in the midst of trials:  Psalm 25
June 14 - Living wisely for God through the years:  Psalm 90
June 21 - Seeking God when life is hard:  Psalm 88
June 28 - Pastor Allen's Farewell Sermon  
July 5 - Rest in God:  Psalm 62
July 12 - Royal Shepherd Host:  Psalm 23
July 19 - Genuine contentment in God:  Psalm 73
July 26    
Aug. 2 - God's work in the midst of adversity:  Psalm 57
Aug. 9 - Congregation Sharing:  Psalm 145
Aug. 16 - Psalm 37

Sermons in this series