We’re living in the midst of tumultuous times. For many of us, this includes personal circumstances. For all of us, this includes the realities of our current context. The rapid pace of change in our world, shifting cultural norms, disturbing current events, a multitude of voices constantly competing for our attention—all of this and more can feel disconcerting and disruptive. These things create challenges to living for God and sometimes stand in direct opposition to what God calls us to do. What does faith-filled living look like when we’re in the midst of tumultuous times?

The book of Jeremiah speaks to us about this very thing. God called Jeremiah to follow him and carry out a prophetic ministry in what were certainly tumultuous times. Jeremiah lived for God with courage and authenticity.  He doesn’t pretend to be brave all the time, nor is he just stoic. He’s honest about his questions and struggles and pain. At the same time, he courageously speaks what God calls him to speak and do what God calls him to do.

As we dig into the book of Jeremiah, we’ll see God’s faithful and powerful work in and through Jeremiah—and how God is at work doing the same thing in our lives.  We’re praying that God will use Jeremiah to grow us in living courageously and authentically for him in our context today.

September 3Calling & Confidence - Jeremiah 1

September 10 - Believing the Right Message - Jeremiah 7:1-15

September 17 - Persevering When Those Who Reject God Prosper - Jeremiah 12

September 24 - Trusting God's Power to Transform - Jeremiah 18:1-12

October 1 - Foellinger Service

October 8 - Honest Struggles and the Struggle for Courage - Jeremiah 20

October 15 - Living Well When We're Not Where We'd Choose - Jeremiah 29:1-14

October 22 - Why God's Covenant Makes All the Difference - Jeremiah 31:31-40

October 29 - Becoming a Stakeholder in God's Promises - Jeremiah 32

November 5 - Persistent Obedience When Others Falter - Jeremiah 35

November 12 - Forgiveness and Restoration Are Coming - Jeremiah 33:1-13

November 19 - The Righteous King is Coming - Jeremiah 33:14-26

November 26 - Trusting the Prevailing Power of God's Word - Jeremiah 36