Coming into the summer, TCBC has concluded a Season of Reconciliation. Now our prayers for and thoughts about other aspects of our “worthy walk…pleasing to God” must be lived out. Having received Christ, our hearts are aligning in faith, hope and love, and our trust and unity must find expression. This happens as (Col. 2:6-7 says) we continue being:



  • Founded and built-up in Christ
  • Established in Faith
  • Abounding in Thanksgiving


Today, TCBC (like the first century church in Colossae) is encountering influences of a confused and fallen societal culture. As the Body of Christ, we must not only prevail, but be an even stronger Gospel influence on the surrounding campus and community. The missional impact of our faith, knowledge and practice can have an eternally redemptive influence all around us. Regardless of where and how longstanding our church buildings are, it is our active and courageous faith that is being "Built to Last.”