Parables are one of Jesus’ primary tools for teaching people about God’s kingdom: what it is; how we enter it; and what life in it is like. They operate not by directly teaching their point, but by hiding it in a story. 

Jesus invites his listeners to enter into that story, to engage with it narratively and emotionally, in order to discern its meaning. To “those with ears to hear” in faith, the parables bring about a deeper knowledge of God and his ways, and a deeper understanding of what it means to respond to the invitation to his kingdom.

July 1 - Mark 4:1-20 - The Sower & the Secret of the Kingdom

July 8 - Mark 7:24-30 - The Bread & the Dogs

July 15 - Luke 14:12-24 - The Great Banquet

July 22 - Matthew 13:31-33 - The Mustard Seed & the Yeast

July 29 - Luke 16:1-13 - The Dishonest Manager

August 5 - Matthew 20:1-16 - The Laborers in the Vineyard

August 12 - Luke 19:11-27 - The Ten Minas

August 19 - Matthew 25:1-13 - The Ten Virgins