Lincoln Adult Formation Classes
Sundays at 10:45 a.m.
Lincoln Fellowship Hall

Spiritual formation doesn’t take place in a vacuum. Community helps us all grow together as we interact with others, learn from gifted teachers and wrestle with spiritual truths and applications with others of different life stages. Teens, university students and all adults are welcome each Sunday morning to learn together on a variety of topics and grow spiritually.

  • Sharing A Transformative Gospel
    Would you like to be able to present the Gospel in ways that are clear, engaging, and transformative? You know you should share the gospel, you’d like to share the gospel and maybe you have done so but felt very awkward and inadequate. This class of lecture, small group and large group discussion is planned to help you interact with friends, neighbors, co-workers, and classmates to engage them with Scripture in ways which will help them come to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Gospel. Led by Dan Coombs, TCBC Missionary-in-Residence
  • Living and Active: How to Study the Bible
    Whether you have led Bible studies for years, or are hoping to learn to effectively study God's word for the first time, this is a foundational class to gain or grow in the skills every Christian needs to read scripture in a way that is both transformative and faithful to the meaning of the text.  We will be studying the books of James and Galatians. Team led.

Beginning September 9

  • Life’s Questions
    Do you have questions? Where did the Bible come from? Does the Bible contradict science? If God is all powerful and good, why is there so much suffering? What is the meaning of life? How can we have meaningful relationships? Each week, we will discuss relevant Bible passages that help us address “Questions of Life”.  Class taught by David Krehbiel and guest speakers. Class is designed for international students and all others who want to learn more about how God’s Word answers life’s questions.