Steve Jaeger

Pastor and Spiritual Formation Director

It’s a joy for me to serve as a pastor at the church where God changed my life as a college student! I first encountered the truth about Jesus at TCBC when I was a U of I freshman in Aerospace Engineering. Having tried (and failed) to build myself a satisfying life through relationships, reputation, and achievement, I learned about the God who offered to build one for me on far better terms.

At TCBC, I heard the Bible taught for the first time in my life—and I was transfixed. I began to get involved in the church’s life, in worship services, children’s classrooms, and small groups (mainly with community people well beyond college). I found friendships at TCBC deeper than any others not centered on Jesus. I discovered dormant passions and gifts awakening in me, and I saw self-centered ambitions transform into Christ-centered desires. Over time, I recognized that God was leading me toward full-time ministry on a mission to help others find the kind of thriving life Jesus had brought about in me.

That new direction in my journey began in earnest when I finished grad school and served as an intern at TCBC for two years. I married Amy at the end of that time, and we moved to Boston where I attended Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. In 2008, we returned to this church that had impacted us so deeply. We are both enthusiastic believers in the vision of TCBC, because we ourselves are products of it!

I’ve worn a lot of hats as a pastor here. After several years leading TCBC’s worship ministry, I became the Spiritual Formation Director in 2015. In that role, I oversee TCBC’s ministries related to our growth as disciples of Jesus: small groups; hospitality and fellowship; and “connections” (helping every member and guest become fully engaged in the life of the church). I’m also part of the preaching team, and I spend quite a bit of time in pastoral counseling.

When I’m not in the office, you’ll probably find me in a local coffee shop or spending time with my family. I love to read (especially theology, spiritual formation, and all kinds of fiction). I love music of just about every genre. I dabble in graphic design. I keep up with science news as best I can (like astronomy and cosmology). And I’m extremely unimpressive at sports—but I’d get together with you to watch them!

To contact Pastor Steve: / (217) 344-0641