Jeff LoCaste

Interim Lead Pastor

As an Interim pastor, I have a strong desire to be a catalyst for spiritual life change in men and women from all walks of life. My commitment to Christ is to be a servant leader among His people on this journey. This is a life-long challenge founded upon Christ’s commission to His disciples, both then and now. I have found no other life as exciting or as challenging as being intimately and strategically involved with God and...

Steve Jaeger

Pastor and Spiritual Formation Director

It’s a joy for me to serve as a pastor at the church where God changed my life as a college student! I first encountered the truth about Jesus at TCBC when I was a U of I freshman in Aerospace Engineering. Having tried (and failed) to build myself a satisfying life through relationships, reputation, and achievement, I learned about the God who offered to build one for me on far better terms.

At TCBC, I heard the Bible taught for the...

Kris Hamblin

Kris Hamblin

Administrative Director

I feel fortunate to have grown up in a Christian home with my parents being Godly role models. I became a Christian at a young age when I prayed with a teacher during a Sunday School class. Growing up, my faith in Christ grew and matured as I did.

I have...