Kris Hamblin

Administrative Director

I feel fortunate to have grown up in a Christian home with my parents being Godly role models. I became a Christian at a young age when I prayed with a teacher during a Sunday School class. Growing up, my faith in Christ grew and matured as I did.

I have enjoyed serving here at TCBC since 1999. A lot of what I do involves communication: getting information to staff and board members; gathering information to communicate to the congregation; answering questions from people who contact the office or connecting them to the right person to answer their questions, and so on. I take the minutes for and assist the Leadership Council. I do the bookkeeping and assist the Stewardship Team where I can. 

My husband, Andy, and I have been attending TCBC since 1994. We have been involved in ushering on Sunday mornings, serving on various committees, and being a part of a small group. As part of a small group, we appreciate the opportunity to get to know a group of TCBCers on a deeper level and the support and encouragement we receive as a result.  

Andy and I enjoy camping with our two dogs. With family members in Michigan, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Arizona, we do a lot of traveling.

To contact Kris: / #217-344-0641