Kay Miller

Family Ministry Director

Sunday mornings are always an adventure for me! How many babies will show up in the nursery and will we have enough staff? What visitors will we have in our CE classes? What are the kids excited about this week? What “unexpected adventures” will there be this week? TCBC is an exciting place to be on Sunday mornings.

My adventure at TCBC began in 1981 when my husband, Dennis, and I moved to Urbana and immediately began attending TCBC at the recommendation of our previous pastor. Raising three sons definitely counts as an adventure, too. They are all now married so we are enjoying having three wonderful daughter-in-laws and two precious, red–headed granddaughters. My husband and I met at and graduated from Northern Illinois University. He graduated in chemistry and I in journalism. In addition, I completed a Masters of Arts (Religion) from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL in 2006.

My adventure with Christ began when I was very young. I was privileged to be raised in a Christian family and accepted Christ at an early age at a neighborhood Bible club. When my children were young I became involved in Bible Study Fellowship and discovered the incredible blessing that comes from personal, in-depth study of the Bible. It was there that I developed a real passion for teaching the Bible and helping people find that it has direct application to their present-life situations. I continue to pursue this passion by overseeing and facilitating all the education classes at TCBC so they are founded on the truth of God’s Word and offer encouraging personal study and spiritual growth on every level – whether a two-year-old, a 20-year-old, and on up to the TCBC senior saints. It is a thrill to hear a three-year-old say ‘the Bible is God’s word and it is TRUE!’ And it’s just as much a thrill to see a senior saint discover a personal application directly from the heart of God in his Word.

Serving in the Christian Education ministry is not new to me, as over the years, I have served as a classroom teacher, coordinator and department chairperson, before coming on staff in 2004. From my involvement in the Christian Education program at TCBC, I have developed a real love and excitement for recruiting and training people to use their gifts to serve God It is so exciting to see college students and community people get involved at TCBC and then go on to use their gifts in other churches when they leave this community. I find worshipping and serving with college students especially invigorating.

When not at TCBC, my favorite adventures are spending time with my grandchildren, traveling with my husband or quilting.

To contact Kay: kmiller@tcbc.cc / #217-344-064