Karley Johnson

Interim Worship Director

My junior year at the University of Illinois, I walked through the doors of TCBC feeling empty, lost, and alone. I knew I needed something - but what? It was here that I heard the name of Jesus, the Gospel, the Word of God, and found a community that supported me. This is the church where I gave my life to Jesus, was baptized and adopted into the family of God! 

I am beyond thrilled to be serving as the Interim Worship Director - I am passionate about discipleship and glorifying the name of the Lord! My deepest hope is that anyone that walks through the doors on a Sunday morning would encounter Jesus Christ - the Living God! 
In addition to serving at TCBC, I am wife to Philip and mother to Isla and Lucas. I love meeting new friends and finding an excuse to gather people together! 
To contact Karley: kjohnson@tcbc.cc / #217-344-0641