Jeff LoCaste

Interim Lead Pastor

As an Interim pastor, I have a strong desire to be a catalyst for spiritual life change in men and women from all walks of life. My commitment to Christ is to be a servant leader among His people on this journey. This is a life-long challenge founded upon Christ’s commission to His disciples, both then and now. I have found no other life as exciting or as challenging as being intimately and strategically involved with God and...

Steve Jaeger

Pastor and Spiritual Formation Director

It’s a joy for me to serve as a pastor at the church where God changed my life as a college student! I first encountered the truth about Jesus at TCBC when I was a U of I freshman in Aerospace Engineering. Having tried (and failed) to build myself a satisfying life through relationships, reputation, and achievement, I learned about the God who offered to build one for me on far better terms.

At TCBC, I heard the Bible taught for the...

Kay Miller

Kay Miller

Family Ministry Director

Sunday mornings are always an adventure for me! How many babies will show up in the nursery and will we have enough staff? What visitors will we have in our CE classes? What are the kids excited about this week? What “unexpected adventures” will there be this week? TCBC is an exciting place to be on Sunday mornings....

Kris Hamblin

Kris Hamblin

Administrative Director

I feel fortunate to have grown up in a Christian home with my parents being Godly role models. I became a Christian at a young age when I prayed with a teacher during a Sunday School class. Growing up, my faith in Christ grew and matured as I did.

I have...

Karley Johnson

Interim Worship Director

My junior year at the University of Illinois, I walked through the doors of TCBC feeling empty, lost, and alone. I knew I needed something - but what? It was here that I heard the name of Jesus, the Gospel, the Word of God, and found a community that supported me. This is the church where I gave my life to Jesus, was baptized and adopted into the family of God!

I am beyond thrilled to be serving as the Interim Worship Director - I am...