The Mission of God

Fundamentally, “our” mission isn’t ours, it’s God’s. We believe he is a missionary God, on a mission to reconcile and redeem his fallen but beloved creation, and to raise it to the glory he intended. We believe God won the victory for that mission in the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus. And we believe that Jesus is working out that victory through his people, the church, in the power of his Holy Spirit, until he returns.

Therefore, we believe that all churches and followers of Christ share some common elements of mission. We are called to:

  • glorify God in our personal and corporate worship, encompassing all of life;
  • gather with fellow believers in a community that embraces and extends God’s love;
  • grow in our knowledge of God, his Word, and his ways, so that we increasingly think, feel, and act as Jesus does;
  • give ourselves in loving service to others, according to the gifts and resources God gives us;
  • go to all the world, proclaiming and enacting the gospel of God’s kingdom.

Our Mission

God shapes and situates each local church to play a unique role in that larger mission. Since its birth in 1933, Twin City Bible Church has had a strong sense of our role in God’s plan. We believe that we exist to see: Campus and community transformed by Christ to renew the world Our mission is to bring together college students with people of all ages from the Champaign-Urbana community to experience the fullness of life in Christ. And not simply to experience it, but to be changed by it━to be conformed together to the image of Christ, speaking and acting as his ambassadors to our world. We do this because God’s mission to redeem all of creation means this creation matters, starting with the lives of individual women and men, boys and girls, from every nation.

This is an exciting mission! We count it a joy to be the church home of any student and any Champaign-Urbana community member who shares our heart for this campus.