If TCBC’s mission describes “what we do,” our core values paint a picture of “who we are.” These are the ministry DNA of our church, the unique characteristics that differentiate us from other churches and shape how we pursue our mission. They run through all of our ministries and focus our ministry decisions. (Note: These are not the same as our Statement of Doctrine & Faith, which summarizes “what we believe.”) Because of God’s work in our church and the vision he’s placed in our heart, we value:

Biblical Teaching & Preaching

We take the "Bible" in our name seriously because we believe God's key means of revelation is his Word. We grow and help others grow as Christ’s disciples as we seek God together through his Word and help one another live out his Word.

Campus & Community Together in Life and Ministry

Because of our university town setting, we have the unique opportunity to bring college and graduate students together with community people in one family in Christ. Rather than simply having a ministry to students, we desire to bring the generations together in all aspects of life. We believe God will use TCBC for widespread impact as community people and students experience life and ministry with one another.

Equipping & Sending

Because we minister in a transient community, God gives us the opportunity to serve the global church as an equipping and sending station. We want to invest in the development of people who are part of TCBC even for a short time and send them on to what God has next for them. We also desire to equip every person to live daily as "sent ones" — effective ambassadors for Christ in our spheres of influence.

Meaningful Relationships

We want every person to have an opportunity to develop genuine relationships with others at TCBC, to know and be known by others in a deep, transformative way. In a diverse university town, we relish the birth of relationships across gender, ethnic, age, and educational lines. Our desire is to be a church where we truly love one another and practice the "one anothers” of Scripture.

Clarity on the Essentials in a Culture of Grace

God brings people to TCBC from a wide variety of backgrounds.We want to pursue Christ-centered unity through an approach that "majors on the majors" while cultivating a culture of grace in areas where godly people have differing perspectives. We desire to listen to and learn from one another.